Mexico now doing more to secure the US border than House Democrats

How is this for a sorry state of affairs? President Trump has announced a deal with Mexico to tamp down the migrant surge in exchange for the U.S. not slapping tariffs on its southern neighbor.  According to the New York Times: WASHINGTON — President Trump backed off his plan to impose tariffs on all Mexican goods and announced via Twitter on Friday night that the United States had reached an agreement with Mexico to reduce the flow of migrants to the southwestern border. Mr. Trump tweeted the announcement only hours after returning from Europe and following several days of intense and sometimes difficult negotiations between American and Mexican officials in Washington. The U.S. gets something, Mexico gets something, and the dealmaker in chief got the deal entirely done while he was otherwise busy in Europe. House Democrats?  Not so much.  These leftist crazies have blocked money for a wall, forcing...(Read Full Post)
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