Media Matters now trying to slime Sebastian Gorka's wife

Media Matters, the big-dollar sliming outfit so prominently featured in Sharyl Attkisson's The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote, has a new target: Katharine Gorka, a woman of interest to the organization solely because she's the wife of Sebastian Gorka, former Strategist to President Trump and nationally syndicated Conservative radio host who's often seen on Fox News.  Katharine Gorka is not a woman with no accomplishments — she has plenty — but she is not a biggie in the public eye the way he is.  For Media Matters, that's sufficient reason to do what it does best, which is crank up its slime machine now that she's taking a new job with the Trump administration.

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry has the bead on them:

Media Matters then goes on to spew a string of lies not worth clicking on, claiming that Gorka is biased against Muslims, yada, yada, yada.  But the sliming outfit was unable to support its claims and could only cite factual statements Gorka made around particular actions taken by Muslim groups. The sky is blue. Muslim groups aren't helping curb terror groups. What else is new? All of this outrage-mongering about fake things is perfectly par for a professional sliming group.

Here's what's disgusting: Mrs. Gorka is not famous and would be of no interest whatsoever to them were she not Sebastian Gorka's wife.  Sebastian Gorka is a favorite commentator of President Trump's and a powerful and eloquent defender of the Trump agenda on Fox and beyond.  The Media Matters attacks on Katharine Gorka are little more than a sleazily disguised bid to attack Sebastian Gorka and, by extension, attack President Trump.  And yes, it's pretty sexist to go after the lady, but that's never been anything that's bothered them.

Not only is Katharine Gorka not famous, she's not taking a famous person's job — she's up for a press secretary's position, for the Customs and Border Patrol agency, which doesn't even have Cabinet status.  It's a schlumpy little flak job where her job description is to repeat what her superiors want and to clearly convey certain messages to the press and public.  That's not a celebrity hog wallow, particularly given the kinds of people she is going to have to service.  Name the last CBP press secretary whose name you knew.

But here we have Media Matters, on the spot, trying to attack and destroy her for the "crime" of supporting President Trump's agenda.  Perhaps these people think she will be effective and want her out for that. Perhaps they just want to bully, which given their character, is pretty much what they do. But it's pretty sick.  It's also pointless.  It's going after small fry to attack big fry.  And it's just plain disgusting.  Gorka is probably tough enough to take it, but the sliming effort on such a minor player is meant to send the message to all weaker souls out there that working for President Trump makes you open game for Big Slime.

What a loathesome picture this is.  When are these creeps going to be the pariahs they deserve to be recognized as? They're acting as pariahs, let them be treated as pariahs.

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