Man places 390th in men's hurdles, calls himself female, snatches women's NCAA national title

When normal people thinking normal thoughts read that a man named Craig Tefler "took home the women's 400-meter hurdles national title" at the 2019 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II Outdoor Track & Field Championships, they conclude that he stole it.  In our brave new world, where Craig goes by "CeCe" and calls himself a woman, things are a little different.

Legal Insurrection has the video:

This appears to be the first NCAA win for a man pretending to be a woman.  Legal Insurrection notes that prior to competing against women, Craig "Cece" Tefler "competed against men with mediocre results," finishing 200th and 390th in the (men's) 400-meter hurdles.

Stories like this tend to use language like "dominated" and "crush" to describe how women fare against their new male competitors.  Maybe this explains why the NCAA guidelines on athletes competing with members of the opposite sex demand one year of natural sexual function–suppressing hormones before men can officially pretend to be women.  (Otherwise, they have to stick with their "assigned birth gender.")  If the guys win by too large a margin, the whole thing looks all the more like a farce.

So far, there has not exactly been a feminist hue and cry over men encroaching on women's sports.  Only a few are speaking out.  The problem for feminists is that the transgender putsch in the sporting world sets what was once a simmering pot of cognitive dissonance to boiling: throw out the delusional "men can be women" part, and you're left with the bald-faced truth that men and women are inherently, inexorably different.  And not only are men and women different, but — heresy of all heresies — men are stronger than women.  Feminists have been fighting this fact tooth and nail for decades, to the point where mentally disturbed or opportunistic males who can't win against other males can ride the feminist train all the way to snatching trophies from girls.

As more people voice their objections to this insanity, expect a lot of prefaces about how men and women are so very equal all the time...but just not this time.  Mainstream conservatives who have taken to insisting that people have the "right" to harbor deadly delusions, and to mutilate their bodies in pursuit of them — the sort of "self-determination" Graham Hillard at National Review describes as "a kind of American creed" — will find themselves in precarious NIMBY territory: sure, guys, society should treat you as a woman if that's what you want...except in this one particular area, where sporting regulators must enforce the fact that you're really a man.

What won't be asked is the elephant-in-the-room question: why have we long segregated sports by sex?  To admit that women can't win if we don't would enrage feminists.  To admit that women are much safer this way would threaten to knock over decades of girl-power social engineering, wherein 120-pound wonder-women are depicted beating the pulp out of multiple men twice their size.

Conservatives had better come to terms with the truth that there will be no Solomonic splitting the baby on this issue.  Men are men all the time, and women are women all the time.  If we stick to chromosomes, that's a truth easy to implement, even if it makes some people feel bad.  If we base it on feelings, we're headed for a Hobbesian "all against all" hellscape of which the destruction of sports is only one of the lesser consequences.