Liberal actor John Cusack steps in it again, this time on Israel and Jews

Oh, so white; oh, so privileged; oh, so wealthy; oh, so male; oh, so narcissistic self-centered punk child and small-time actor John Cusack vomited a vile anti-Jewish, anti-Israel (yeah, they're the same!) tweet complete with standard Nazi-style cartoons and themes.  When called out, he did what any privileged, narcissistic, self-centered punk child would do: whine "I didn't do it" and then blame it on someone else: a bot.  

When even his more tech-savvy middle-aged and younger followers pointed out the impossibility, he did what any privileged, narcissistic, self-centered punk child would do: gurgled a deceptive, fact-free defense of the tweet.  When that wasn't accepted, he did what any privileged, narcisstic, self-centered punk child would do: offered an insincere, irrelevant, non-apology apology and deleted the tweet to make it seem as if it had never happened.  

To spare you the agony of rummaging through Cusack's tweets on this and other matters, (I did — they reflect the privileged, narcissistic, self-centered punk child he is), Twitchy bravely  assembled Cusack's incoherent, bigoted tweets on this issue filled with deep anti-American sentiments and sympathy for terrorists.

This is typical privileged, snobbish Cusack tweeting behavior.  And actions.  Just a few weeks earlier, on Memorial Day, he childishly refused to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner at a Chicago Cubs game in Wrigley Field because:

"I didn't stand up for Boeing military salute - fast enough for some maga f--- - see?" he tweeted in his defense. The "Hot Tub Time Machine" star was apparently referring to President Trump supporters. ...

In another post he clarified that he supports the troops and wants them to come home. "Being anti war - is pro troops - pro human -" he added.

Cusack tweeted that he eventually stood up "just not on que - like an Obedient pet."

Yeah, he deleted that non-bot -ssued tweet also. 

Later during the game, in violation of the rules — and common courtesy — he began to smoke.  Drifting smoke bothered his neighbors in the high-priced seats and some of the players.  But oh, so superior, non–"Obedient pet" can do what he wants, where he wants, "not on que," no matter if it disturbs others because he is, well, the superior anti-American.  And they — inferior beings — aren't.  

As a committed Jew and a grateful American, I'm not at all upset about Cusack's ugly  tweets and attitudes brimming with his elitist contempt for those who don't have his privilege, his wokeness.  Israel and decent people everywhere don't require — don't want — the support of bigoted, racist, narcissistic, self-centered punk child John Cusack.

Image: GabboT via Flickr (cropped).