Lefty mural in lava-ravaged Hawaiian town depicts volcanic eruptions as our friends

How is this for nature-worship, diversity, and greenie sensibility run amok? A new mural, opened on the side of a school in volcano-ravaged Pahoa, Hawaii, depicts the volcano as — are you ready? — our friend. Here's a screenshot of a shareable Instagram post of the mural: The local Hawaiian press, Hawaii News Now, had a small news item around the state-financed mural's opening in its May 17 issue, depicting a generic-looking Venice Beach–style wallscape.  But a letter to the editor in the Hawaii Tribune Herald by Kapoho resident Sylvia Wan tells us this isn't going over well with locals who lost their homes, neighborhoods, and entire communities to the massive volcanic eruption last year.  Seriously, heart-shaped lava?  We're talking about a natural disaster, destructive, terrifying, total.  She writes: I can only imagine how the...(Read Full Post)
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