Left spews its malice, opportunism and double standards over Sarah Sanders' exit

Sarah Sanders was a complete diamond in speaking for and defending the man we elected, President Trump. She was so good it is hard to think who could replace her. She was poised, ladylike, on target, and could punch back as hard as the drive-bys and Democratic-operatives-with-bylines in the press could deliver. She got rid of bee ess the press had long since dismissed as unserious, such as the presidential press conference, something they are suddenly mourning big crocodile tears about as they look for something to criticize her. She also took a lot of garbage no one should ever have to take from a purportedly professional press (or anyone) - that she was a liar, that she was fat, that she was from Arkansas and therefore stupid, that there was something outrageous about her southern accent, that she didn't bake her own pies. She also was nice as heck -- getting thrown out of that Red Rooster restaurant was the peak of leftist malevolence, yet she...(Read Full Post)
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