LAPD says officers are coming down with typhoid fever, as rats and homeless multiply

Cops are people who sometimes have to take on thankless dirty jobs, because someone has to take out the trash, but now that they're coming down with typhus-like illnesses, based on the multiplication of the homeless population and the accompanying rats, one wonders how fair this is — or, more to the point, if maybe leftists making policy wanted it this way. According to ABC News: At least one officer with the Los Angeles Police Department has contracted the bacteria that causes typhoid fever, Salmonella typhi, and another one is showing typhus-like symptoms, the police department announced on Thursday. The officer who had contracted the illness is being treated, and the other officer has yet to be confirmed to be infected, according to the LAPD. Both officers work at the LAPD's Central Division, according to a statement released by the department. California's blue-state Democrats can thank themselves for this one, based on...(Read Full Post)
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