LAPD says officers are coming down with typhoid fever, as rats and homeless multiply

Cops are people who sometimes have to take on thankless dirty jobs, because someone has to take out the trash, but now that they're coming down with typhus-like illnesses, based on the multiplication of the homeless population and the accompanying rats, one wonders how fair this is — or, more to the point, if maybe leftists making policy wanted it this way.

According to ABC News:

At least one officer with the Los Angeles Police Department has contracted the bacteria that causes typhoid fever, Salmonella typhi, and another one is showing typhus-like symptoms, the police department announced on Thursday.

The officer who had contracted the illness is being treated, and the other officer has yet to be confirmed to be infected, according to the LAPD. Both officers work at the LAPD's Central Division, according to a statement released by the department.

California's blue-state Democrats can thank themselves for this one, based on all their laws to "protect" the homeless to be homeless, inadvertently creating conditions for a plague.  The Left doesn't like cops, of course, nor any enforcement of laws, so the idea of cops coming down with medieval illnesses rather fits into their scheme of things.  Typhus in fact means that some cops won't enforce the vagrancy laws at all.  Good times for the plague. 

The homeless are a varied population, and while some are people who've been marginalized by leftist housing policies, which drive rents sky-high, other are chronically homeless due to their own behavior and difficult to help.  The very condition of being homeless means eating food and leaving scraps and excrement on the streets, which are ideal ecological conditions for the drawing of rats.  That's happened, and now the rats are bringing diseases.

One gets the sense that the lawlessness of the whole thing and the city's refusal to regulate high concentrations of homeless encampments around the city center are now the playing field for the plague.  Cops can't avoid these places as the rest of us often do — the homeless population always tends to require some kind of police intervention just by its lawless and abnormal nature.  The Left will do nothing about this, but the police may  press city officials for some kind of relief, go on strike, or just quit bothering. 

But typhus is pretty serious, and even if the cops quit enforcing the law if they don't get the hazmat suits they need, one thing's probably pretty certain: this is just the beginning.

Image credit: Earth'sbuddy via Wikimedia Commons, CC NY-SA 3.0.

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