Lady Frijoles looking at two to 20 in the can for assault

Remember the ungrateful caravan migrant from Honduras known as "Lady Frijoles"?  The poster child for the migrant caravan and all its gimme demands, the one who dragged her finger across a plate of donated Mexican food and told a German reporter the Mexican staple cuisine was "fit for pigs"?  She made herself real popular with the Mexicans with that one but knew the ropes of illegal immigration so well that she parlayed that into an asylum claim in the U.S. after cutting the line and walking across the U.S. border ahead of the others.  No taking a number or "wait in Mexico" for her.  She wanted instant customer service and a lot of free stuff.  She told reporters she was looking for free medical care for her daughter, she said, and it's pretty obvious she knew how soft a touch Uncle Sam is.

After that, she turned up in Dallas and then got her name in the news again last March for assaulting the aunt who had sheltered her for free there, using a knife and a bed frame.  Apparently, the aunt was upset that she and her illegal alien sister, already under one deportation order, had caused the aunt to lose her job, and the aunt wanted the pair to leave.  So, there's probably more backstory than we know about her migrant quest for free stuff, and none of it good.

Telemundo has an updated scoop on what she's up to now (in Spanish), and the Mazatlan Post of Mexico has an English language summary here:

The lawyer of Marian Zelaya Gómez informed about the legal situation of his client and commented that the outlook for her is not encouraging.

TEXAS, USA- Marian Zelaya Gómez, nicknamed in social networks like "Lady Frijoles" can spend 2 to 20 years in prison for the aggression against a woman in Dallas County, Texas.

This was reported by the defendant's own lawyer, James Jamison, who confirmed to Telemundo that the outlook of his client is not encouraging.

"This case is a very serious case, of an aggravated assault, the maximum punishment can be 20 years, the minimum is two years," the lawyer told the television station.

At this time Zelaya Gómez and her sister remain in the Dallas County jail, awaiting the resolution for the crime of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


On March 26, "Lady Frijoles" and her sister allegedly assaulted Alba Escobar Andrade, who sheltered them in an apartment.

The police report indicates that the immigrants attacked the woman with a knife.

Two to twenty is quite a bit, particularly in this age of lawmen and prosecutors ignoring every crime they can and judges handing out zero-consequences sentencing.  And the attorney, who seems to be a real pay attorney, not a public defender, though it is unknown who is paying for her, says her outlook is rather grim.

What the whole thing shows is that allowing unvetted migrants into the country is a recipe for bringing in crime, violence, and social upheaval, as well as a whole lot of ingratitude.  People tend to value things for exactly what they pay for them, and, well, Frijoles paid nothing for her phony asylum claim.  Instead, she brought crime, abnormal use of police and prison resources, and social trashification right into Dallas.  She's all set to cost us after contributing nothing.  Two to 20?  It's a lot.  It had to be bad for the prosecutors to even bother.

Everything about her suggests she's not the kind of person coming in illegally that leftists depict.  For one thing, she was gaming the system to her best advantage, telling just the right sob story to the press about having to eat pig food and then breaking through the U.S. barriers to get served first.

But it gets worse: El Mundo Hispanico says she deleted her social media accounts featuring her sexy pictures wearing designer brands shortly before she walked across to make her asylum claims to the U.S.  Then she put up a fake account depicting herself as a wholesome ordinary mom with kids who don't seem to be her kids.  Where does a supposedly penniless migrant dependent on donated food get the time and place to do social media manipulation, and how did she know that U.S. lawmen would be looking for it?  And who paid for her expensive lawyer? 

And why does this nonsense keep going on, with Democrats at the top blocking all efforts to keep people from abusing the system as this poster child for the migrant surge repeatedly has done?

Image credit: Telemundo Dallas screen shot.

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