Knitting social network with 8 million registered users silences Trump-supporters as 'white supremacists'

Honestly, until this morning I had never heard of Ravelry, a "fiber arts" (AKA knitting, crocheting, weaving, etc.) social network with 8 million registered users, but it appears to have signed on to the effort to silence supporters of President Trump, while welcoming other political posts.  But my friend who blogs under the name Bookworm is one of the 8 million (or was, until yesterday) and writes:

Ravelry, one of the biggest fiber art social media networks, identifies Trump supporters as "white supremacists" and asks its community to help police them.

If you do any type of fiber crafts — knitting, quilting, crocheting, etc. — you're familiar with Ravelry. It's a very well-organized social network dedicated to allowing fiber crafters meet in cyberspace, whether to teach or learn, talk about projects, find patterns, etc. (snip)

Unfortunately, Ravelry has decided to wade into politics and to do so in the most ugly way possible. In an announcement today to its membership, one with a Pride flag proudly displayed in the upper left hand corner, Ravelry said that from now on Trump supporters will be silenced.

Please note that the site is not silencing all political discussions on the ground that they are disruptive to a site dedicated to fiber hand crafts. No, no. It is only silencing Trump supporters because they are "white supremacists" — and it's asking its other members to go full Stasi and police the site for any incipient Trumpista break-outs.

You can read the Ravelry announcement in full here.  But it is full of extremist posturing with no basis in fact, such as:

We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.

As Bookworm notes, this is a rerun of the attempt to silence conservatives in the gaming community:

Ravelry got its inspiration for silencing Trump supporters from the gamer community. You may remember GamerGate, which occurred when the gamer community was suddenly taken over by Social Justice Warriors as anxious as the Ravelry people are to silence any non-woke, hard-Left social justice voices.

The impulse toward totalitarianism — silencing voices you disagree with rather than debating them — is a powerful current of life today.  Those who engage in such tactics are bullies, pure and simple.

Alas, social media of all sorts — including arts and crafts — have been politicized and controlled by the Left.  Ravelry will no doubt lose visitors — Bookworm gives instructions on how to withdraw from registration there — but that is apparently a price SJWs are willing to pay.

Ravelry logo via PJM.

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