Kamala Harris takes on the ‘demolition woman’ role, clearing the Democrats’ field of rivals

It's popcorn time for Republicans. Having profited enormously from attacking Joe Biden, Kamala Harris’s likely next target is Elizabeth Warren, the affirmative action fraudster.  Senator Harris has discovered her niche in the gigantic Democrat presidential field: demolition woman. Her dishonest attack on Joe Biden for daring to work with segregationist senators (both Democrats, though a number of major media figures – the Associated Press and MSNBC among them – have falsely called them Republicans) has paid off bigtime. Hannah Bleau reports for Breitbart:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) raised $2 million just 24 hours after her first debate performance, she told supporters in an email Saturday.

Harris reportedly told supporters that her campaign raised $2 million from 63,277 people after the debate. More than half, 58 percent, of those donors had not donated to her campaign prior to the debate, according to the New York Times.

Kamala on the attack (YouTube screen grab)

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune – trained in the arts of political hardball by observing Chicago politics for decades – thinks Biden is now out of the running, though he doesn’t know it yet:

 He’s toast. Even if Biden squeezes into one of her now famous “That Little Girl Was Me” T-shirts, and cries and begs mercy, he’s done.

Harris pulled him apart for cozy comments that he’d worked well in the Senate with Democratic white segregationists to “get things done.”

Harris said she really didn’t think he was a racist, then she dropped it on him, how much it hurt her that he sucked up to Southern Democratic segregationists to stop federally imposed school busing.

The next day he ran to the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition convention in Chicago, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson let him try and clean himself up. (snip)

[W]hen Biden put his arms around Jackson and whispered into Jackson’s ear, Jackson didn’t return the hug.

I agree that Biden will not be the nominee, much less president, and said so almost two months ago, long before Kamala slipped her stiletto between his shoulder blades. What interests me even more, though, is Kass’s prediction about where Kamala will turn next in her new role as attack dog on fellow Dems:

Next up for Harris is Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat who’s been repackaged to appeal to the hard-left voters who have drifted away from Bernie Sanders. (snip)

Harris is a former prosecutor, a trial lawyer, and showed she can handle pressure. She calmly embraced all that heat on the debate stage, brought it to her for dramatic effect, drew it in, then released it right at Biden.

The way she played Biden and race, just think what she’ll do to Warren, who vaulted herself onto the faculty of Harvard Law School as a Cherokee and came up with those ridiculous recipes involving cold crab meat that were offered up as true Native American fare.

Warren’s career is a creation myth born in identity politics. She insisted she was a Cherokee, and Harvard praised her for it as if ethnicity was a virtue, perhaps because Harvard was desperate to promote minorities on its law school faculty.

Harris was shameless in claiming that she was bused – implicitly to desegregate schools -- because Berkeley (she omitted the name of her famously progressive town, speaking only of California) schools were never segregated. Busing was used to mix students from less affluent areas with those from more affluent neighborhoods.  When she brings that same shamelessness to Warren’s affirmative action fraud that enabled her to gain a tenured faculty slot at Harvard Law School, the opportunities for mau-mauing (in Tom Wolfe’s memorable expression) Fauxcahontas are numerous. Like the “little girl” that Haris conjured up, there are victims of Warren’s fraud who never got the opportunity that she stole, appropriating their plight as her own.

As a person who actually meets the criteria for receiving racial preferences, Harris is in a strong position. Moreover, she can make the case that she didn’t personally profit from affirmative action. As Thomas Lipscomb noted, during an era when the nation’s most prestigious universities were desperate for students “of color,” Harris, the daughter of two university professors including one tenured at Stanford, was educated at Howard University and Hastings Law School, rather than Harvard, Yale, or Stanford.

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