Julian Castro blew it at his Fox News town hall yesterday

The series of town halls that Fox News is conducting for Democrat presidential candidates who take advantage of its generous offer of air time have been fairly interesting. Faced with moderators who do nor hug them the way Rachel Maddow did in a 2016 presidential debate, the strong ones have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills while the weak ones fall back on canned answers of dubious relevance to the questions asked.

I was interested in seeing what Julian Castro had to offer yesterday at the town hall in Tempe, Arizona, where, we were told it was well over a hundred degrees outside.

Twitter video screen grab

It actually got a little hot for Castro inside, too, when he faced a woman named Jessica Welch who said she had been victimized by an illegal immigrant who used her Social Security number and was released on his own recognizance and ‘was never heard of again.”

His answer was basically, “Hey, s**t happens,” except that he used the word “crime” in place of the offensive word.  In other words, suck it up, baby.



Castro showed little to no spontaneity, relying on well-oiled rhetoric throughout, I was unimpressed.