Joe Biden wheels out the friendship bracelets to convince us he's still Obama's bestie

Joe Biden's getting embarrassing. Unable to secure the coveted endorsement of former President Barack Obama, even as his loyal vice president and sidekick for eight long years, he's taken to running photos of children's friendship bracelets: Are we supposed to say 'awwww' or 'bless his heart,' or 'isn't that special?' Are we supposed to believe this photo means he really is Obama's bestie? Are we supposed to want to vote for him? As the Daily Mail's David Martosko observes:   When my 11-year-old does this, it's heartwarming. Biden is 76 and it's cringey. — David Martosko (@dmartosko) June 9, 2019   Particularly because Biden is famous for photos such as these. In fact, there's a whole Pinterest page dedicated to photos of his habit of feeling up the little girls. Shouldn't this be a topic the Democratic presidential frontrunner ought...(Read Full Post)
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