Impeachment Fever: Democrats whip themselves into a frenzy

With a recent Democratic Party rally in California, and assorted statements from top congressional Democrats on Twitter and elsewhere, it's getting obvious that Democrats are going bonkers on impeaching President Trump.  Five things now stand out:

In California, the rally to melt the wicked witch of the West Coast, House speaker Nancy Pelosi, seemed to be having some effect.  Pelosi was barraged with loud yelling from Democrats calling for impeachment at her speech to the California Democratic Party State Convention and is now showing signs of caving in.  "This is coming home for me," she said.  Up until now, she's told the farthest left of the Democrats that impeachment was not worth it and they were playing into Trump's hands, because he was goading them into it.  In reality, she was focused on holding her House majority with large numbers of Democrats elected as moderates from red districts who wouldn't last long if impeachment became the only item on the Dem agenda.  Now it doesn't matter; the mau-mauing has got to her.  I wrote about that here.

Second, her number-three man in the House, Majority Whip James Clyburn, told Jake Tapper yesterday that he thought impeachment was in the works, too.  The only reason he wasn't initiating it immediately is that he wanted to make sure it would work, which doesn't sound as though he's particularly serious about balancing the donkey party's desire to overturn the 2016 election with passing actual legislation in Congress that President Trump will sign.  According to the RealClearPolitics transcript:

Well, Jake, I have never said he should not be impeached. 

What I have said time and time again is, Mueller has developed the grounds for impeachment. The House has to determine the timing for impeachment. There's a big difference. 

I was telling one of my daughters earlier this morning, the longer I live, the more I get in touch with what those Gullah-Geechee parents and grandparents used to tell us all the time. Haste makes waste. Let's take our time and do this efficiently, not just effectively.

All it takes is 218 votes to effectively impeach the president. That doesn't say that it will be the efficient way to do it. What Nancy Pelosi is trying to do and the rest of us in the House of Representatives is to develop a process by which we can efficiently move on this issue, so that, when we get to a vote, it would be something that she calls ironclad, I call effective.

And that is why we are trying to take our time and do this right. So I don't see this as being out of whack with what the people's aspirations are. 

Meanwhile, over at the Democrats' top propaganda arm, MSNBC, we have guests complaining that it's impossible to get onto the network unless they promise to talk about impeachment.  No other topic is to be broached.  And for those who do, "no TV for you."  CNN is beating the drum hard for impeachment, too, giving lots of airtime to professors and more professors calling for it.

Fourth, a new CNN poll out shows that 76% of Democrats now support impeachment.  They don't want health care reform; they don't want infrastructure or more pro-union protections or gun control, any of the usuals that motivate them to pass more laws and regulations.  They want Trump's head.  It's a frenzy, albeit with an asterisk that it's CNN putting this poll out.  It may well be a push poll to alter perceptions, but if it is, it's suicidal, given that the public doesn't want this.  It likely would be a bid to get more Democrats onboard, since every Democrat is going to want to join the strong horse.

Fifth, look who's standing up and taking credit for the whole snowballing frenzy:

Fringe freshman congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, attempting to portray herself as someone who was standing alone not too long ago and now has everyone in her tree.  That's a picture of the the lunatic fringe pulling the donkey cart.

It suggests some kind of collective madness coming over the Democrats as they focus exclusively on impeaching the president after not getting the special counsel report they wanted, not getting the congressional investigations they wanted, not getting the Deep State efforts they wanted, and not getting the electoral result they wanted.

Is this going to work?  With a stellar economy, huge Trump campaign rallies, and GOP donors shelling out, it doesn't look like it.  In fact, it could easily get them thrown out of power in 2020.  Pelosi and Clyburn know this, but the rest seem to think their perch in power now is unlimited.

Mass hysteria is a pathetic thing.  It's even worse when its only trajectory is off a cliff.

Image credit: Gerhard Mester via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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