How do you know you are no longer a Democrat?

How do you know you are no longer a Democrat?

You believe and respect the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The founding documents of the United States still matter and must not be set aside.  

You believe the right to free speech applies to everyone, regardless of political party affiliation.

You believe in the sanctity of human life and abortion is murder.

You believe in the Second Amendment and the right to own guns.

You believe that the United States is a sovereign nation with recognized borders; which must be respected, guarded, and protected.

You know there are only two biological sexes. Men pretending to be women and vice-versa is make-believe. There is no such thing as being born in the wrong body.

You believe that men pretending to be women should not be allowed to use women’s bathrooms, nor should men be allowed in women’s dressing or locker rooms.

You are well aware that men have a physical advantage over women in sports and men pretending to be women should be prohibited from competing in women’s sporting events.

You believe in religious rights. Sexual orientation does not supersede your right to practice your faith, nor should you end up in a court of law, because of your faith.

You believe the ongoing illegal invasion of foreigners is detrimental to the economic well-being of the United States and must be stopped. 

You believe in the free market, capitalist economic system.

You don’t subscribe to the far-leftist, Marxist/Socialist ideology.

You believe slavery was wrong, but don’t support monetary reparations be paid to descendants of pre-Civil War African slaves.

You think that jailing or fining people for not using make believe pronouns is absurd.

You know the Medicare for All scheme is designed to control the U.S. population by rationing health care.

You also think it’s outrageous to promise free health care to millions of illegal invaders while millions of Americans still have no access to health care for themselves and their children.

You don’t believe the world is going to end in 12 years, due to a harmless gas (CO2) in the earth’s atmosphere.  

You realize that the UN Climate Change agenda is nothing more than a cleverly designed redistribution of wealth scheme.

You are convinced that a group of like-minded conspirators; embedded at the FBI, CIA and DOJ attempted to circumvent the election of Donald Trump and are worthy of investigation and possible prosecution if it is determined crimes were committed.

You’re also convinced that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is guilty of using an unauthorized, unsecured private computer server to avoid the monitoring, capture, and storage of emails and perjured herself multiple times during not one, but two Congressional hearings.

You vehemently object to the proposed idea, supported by a majority of 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates that trillions of dollars of college student loan debt be forgiven.

You watched the first televised Democrat Presidential debate and realize you don’t support, approve, nor agree with any of what was discussed and proposed by the 20 participants on stage. 

The fact is, you are no longer a Democrat.

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