Harvard Harris poll reveals shocking level of public indifference to Democrats’ presidential field

News the MSM would rather you not hear about: Sixty percent of Democrats find their presidential field “underwhelming.” The Harvard Harris poll is no right-wing outfit, which is why the results of its latest poll on politics are so shocking. A large majority of the public finds the Democrats’ presidential field, in the word of a question reported on page 146 of its poll results, “underwhelming”: Do you find the current field of Democratic party candidates for president to be impressive or underwhelming? Impressive 40% Underwhelming 60% There is also not too much confidence in the ability of any of the field to defeat President Trump. On page 147, the question is: “Which one of the Democratic presidential candidates has the best chance of winning against Donald Trump?” Joe Biden, declared by the media to be the Dems’ best hope, registers in first place, but barely gets much more than a third, at 35%. The first...(Read Full Post)
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