Former Obama official fails to diminish Trump

In a typical left-wing-biased opinion piece, heavily peppered with “progressive” arrogance, former Obama National Security Council official DJ Rosenthal makes some blanket observations regarding erstwhile U.S. presidents. He surmises that “past Presidents advanced American interests and inspired the world by wielding both formal constitutional powers, as well as the authority granted by foreign leaders who accepted their statements as US policy.” In an attempt to prove his point, Rosenthal references some examples involving Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Richard Nixon (amazing from a liberal, albeit anything goes to throw some dirt on Trump), but carefully avoided mentioning his former boss Barack Obama, notorious for embarrassing his countrymen by constantly apologizing and sucking up to Muslim counties and hanging the blame on  his homeland while addressing the eagerly receiving UN audience.

Unfortunately for CNN and Rosenthal, they’ve chosen the worst timing ever for this claim. This weekend, under pressure from Trump administration, Mexico committed to some heavy measures aimed at curtailing the illegal immigration into the U.S. And it’s Donald Trump who managed to significantly cut the financial power of mullahs by pulling out of the disgraceful treaty with Iran and by imposing severe sanctions on this major sponsor of world terrorism. Should I refresh Rosenthal’s memory that it was his numero uno Obama who dragged U.S. into culpable nuclear deal with Iran?

Conceivably, the unfair trading policies and secret-stealing by China could be significantly curbed as a result of implementing tariffs. And isn’t it under pressure from Trump that NATO members increased defense spending for the fourth year in a row? Rest assured, Trump will keep reminding them that U.S. military is still the steamroller of the alliance, comprising 69 percent of overall defense spending even though the U.S. economy forms less than half of the NATO economic might.

Nothing but good-hearted laughs could precipitate ridiculous statements like “The more exposure the world has to this President, the less he matters.” If that is the case, why on earth are all the socialism-loving ideologs and propagandists like Rosenthal himself not missing a single day during Trump’s presidency trying to accuse him of anything and everything their feverish minds are able to come up with -- from collusion with Russia to “obstruction of justice” to “war on women” to “supporting fascism”?

Rosenthal goes further by saying that “we will soon see the day when it will not only be reasonable for world leaders to ignore Trump but it will be the only rational thing for them to do.” Now this is not just a mindless statement, nor it is a tasteless joke by one of the late-night TV clowns. These are words from a seasoned political operative and strategist, published by a major media outlet. As such, they could be qualified as intentional undermining the authority of our executive power at the international level.

No matter what moonshine they keep coming up from all numerous “progressive” outlets, in the minds of anyone with a common sense, Donald Trump, with all the inevitable pitfalls of a human being in power, is and will continue to be the major force in preserving the true values of western Judeo-Christian civilization.

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