Even when Israel opens up to the Palestinians, WaPo can't find anything nice to say

Instead of portraying as progress the formation of a multi-million-dollar crossing point by Israel for the Palestinians, The Washington Post turns the step toward peaceful co-existence to the negative.  "A notorious Israeli checkpoint goes modern" (6/13/19). What else is new at The Washington Post when it comes to Israel?

The crossing point into Israel from the West Bank enables Palestinians to enter Israel to work, to obtain medical care, or to visit family in minutes.

The initial creation of the checkpoint occurred after Palestinians sent suicide bombers into Israel 18 years ago to murder Israeli men, women, and children indiscriminately.  The reason was mentioned deep in the article.  The mere erection of the checkpoint was referred to by the Post unsurprisingly as a "brutal" response.  The murder of Israeli civilians by Palestinians was given no such adjective — also not surprising.  Further, the Post even referred to the turnstiles at the checkpoint as being "reviled."  Turnstiles...imagine that!

Of course, the Israelis were not commended for letting Palestinians in at all.  That is another response to the terrorism that no one could have argued with...except possibly The Washington Post and maybe the U.N.

The Post states in the subheadline that "the mere existence of the control point rankles."  Well, as everyone (but the Post) seems to know, actions have consequences.

The Post should really clarify that to the Palestinians, the mere existence of the state of Israel "rankles."

And that is the crux of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict!

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