Eric Swalwell mounts a strong effort to take the crown as the most pathetic entrant in the Democrats’ presidential field

The expression “clown car” is frequently used to describe the crowded field of Democrats running for the presidency. But it is appropriate not just to denote the crowding, but also the behavior of some of the members of the field.  Yesterday, it looked to me as though it would be hard to top the efforts of Kirsten Gillibrand to ingratiate herself with the patrons of a gay bar in Des Moines by chugging shots and getting jiggy.

Photo credit: Twitter screen grab

But Eric Swalwell, the Bay Area congressman who unsuccessfully tried to ride charges of “treason” against President Trump to fame and fortune, is making a strong effort to surpass her. The weekend before last, he tried changing an unnamed but presumably his baby’s diapers on video, only to see that it was inadequate to rocket him up the rankings of presidential contenders beyond too-low-to-round-upward-to-one-percent.

So, in the last few days, he managed to beclown himself not once, but twice.

Watch as he gives such an inane answer to a serious question by S. E. Cupp on CNN on his signature issue – why, if he’s serious about gun violence, is he focused on assault weapons that only account for a tiny percentage of deaths:

“I’ll just say assault weapons are a small percentage of gn violence deaths, but when you talk to a child in a classroom today, 100% of their fear is an assault weapon coming into their classroom…”  (hat tip: The Right Scoop)



Then, speaking at the big event in Iowa last weekend, the “Hall of Fame” event, he expected a round of applause for what he thought was a killer line and encountered…crickets. (hat tip: the Daily Wire):

Awkward (Twitter video screen grab)



Of course, we can’t rule out something from Biden, once he stops hiding, and opens his gaffe-emitting mouth. And I wouldn’t rule out a pander from Kamala Harris so grotesque that it startles even hard core Dems with its cravenness. There is no depth to which she will not stoop.

But being honest, my money would still be on Gillibrand, whose combination of vapidity, ambition, and stupidity makes her the front-runner in the contest for doofus of the field.

My supply of popcorn awaits the good times ahead.