E. Jean Carroll loses more credibility ... and CNN tries to cover it up, twice

E. Jean Carroll, who accuses President Trump of rape, or assault, or something, is out promoting her book with such accusations on television, and is starting to lose credibility. She gave a 11-minute-plus interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, and eventually began to say erratic things. She lost her thought at one point and Cooper just let her get away with it. The worst was when the interview ended with her declaration that rape is "sexy" and CNN immediately cut away to a commercial. Not only did CNN cut away at that low point to make her look less strange, it deleted that most-interesting section of the interview from its posted account on YouTube. That's two cover-ups. Obviously, the network that tried to foist Michael Avenatti on us as president earlier is not about to get into reporting for wherever the facts lead. Here's what they have up. We learn a bit about one element of her claim, which CNN and other media are reporting as a Trump...(Read Full Post)