Does the WaPo remember who's responsible for stateless Palestinians?

In The Washington Post's article, "As Netanyahu falters, Israel faces the prospect of a quick election do-over," published May 29, 2019, the author states within the article, "The release of a political plan for peace with the Palestinians could raise difficulties for Netanyahu, whose potential right-wing government has little room for compromise."

This deceptive passing statement completely ignores the Palestinians' continuous refusal for compromise since before Israel officially became a state.  Once again, the Washington Post continues anti-Israel bias by leading the reader to believe that the Palestinians remain without a state because Israel will not compromise. 

If the Palestinians had accepted the two-state partition plan of 1947 outlined by the U.N., they would, like Israel, have their own state, and this needless conflict would not exist.  Israel has made numerous attempts to negotiate and offered large compromises, but the Palestinians time and again have refused to compromise, sometimes even refusing to sit down and negotiate with Israel, and they walk away from potential peace deals without offering a counter-proposal.

So let's not continue the misleading undercurrent of bias that there is not a peace deal because Israel refuses to compromise.  In allowing this prejudice, the Washington Post is doing a disservice to history.