Does anyone doubt that Trump is the Rocky of American politics?

President Trump's rally on Tuesday to officially launch his 2020 campaign for re-election was a tour-de-force.  The twenty thousand people in the arena, along with the thousands of people outside watching on jumbo screens were all on the same page:  He has been a great President these past two and a half years and they want more of the same.  

The crowd was excited, happy, and phenomenally supportive of the President, much to the chagrin of the angry left.  And boy are they angry.  They have lost any semblance of tolerance or open-mindedness.  The radicalized American Left is now motivated by one thing, one thing only: destroy Trump.  If they must obliterate the country as founded to do it, so be it.  That is how deranged the Democrats in Congress and the anti-Trump moonbats -- who spend their days in misery for nothing -- actually are.   There is no accounting for their anguish.

Trump has been a great President thus far.  Is this perhaps why they are so mad?  He has accomplished in two years what no president since Reagan did and done it in less time.  This is what is called the psychopathic rage of envy.   They are embarrassed by their own failure to transform the nation under the radar into their Alinskyite version of the Soviet Union.  Like Hillary and the rest of the Left, they have always been thoroughly convinced that the bulk of the American people are sheep, or lemmings, easily led by their intellectual betters -- them. 

These self-appointed betters, our so-called elites who for one privileged reason or another found themselves in positions of power, actually do believe they are superior beings meant to tell the rest of us how to behave, speak, eat, drive and live.  We must do all these things according to their specifications.  They will never, ever, operate by the same rules they devise for the rest of us; they are privileged, smart and powerful.  They don't need to abide by any rules including the Constitution.  They are, as we see every day, above the law.  The rest of us are well below it, subject to the whims of our government's institutions.  

This is how they think, our Left.  This is why Trump's rally last night in Orlando, if they deigned to watch, will have left them quivering in their boots with shock.  Most probably did not watch, like the scene in Rocky when Apollo Creed is too busy to look at the video of Rocky in the meat locker when his trainer tries to get him to pay attention.  

After all, with the media on their side, they were certain they would have brought the man down by now.  Instead he is more popular than ever, and the press is looked upon with absolute scorn, for good reason.  They, the NYT, WaPo, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC discarded any semblance of objectivity long ago, long before Trump came upon the scene. They just became open about their bias once Trump was elected. No sentient person reasonably well-informed pays  attention to any of those propaganda outlets.  They are jokes, one and all, wastes of our time and the paper on which they are printed. 

Trump has survived a nearly three-year onslaught of vicious attacks by his detractors.  He has been set up, framed for things for which he is in no way guilty and still they insist he is guilty of something.   He has been vilified 24/7 by the print and electronic media and still, many thousands of supporters showed up in Orlando to see him.  And they were happy campers!  Put a mic in the face of an anti-Trump person and what do you get? Hate, rage, and profanity.  It has always been the Left that is truly racist.   The many, many African Americans who were in attendance in Orlando can all tell us that. 

The Left has done everything in its power to destroy Trump and all they have done is expose their own hatefulness, intolerance and rage.  They seem not to realize that all they have done is drive people to the man.  He is a happy warrior who loves this country and its citizens above all.  Happiness sells!  Success sells!  National security sells!  

Record low unemployment is a good thing, as is a great economy.  All this infuriates the Left. They so hate the man; they root for the nation to fail.  But Trump is the Rocky of politics.  He takes their beatings, gets battered and bruised by a despicable media but he never gives up.  His speech Tuesday night was Rocky on the 72 stone steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the strains of Gonna Fly Now.  

In short, Trump is just getting started. Granted the fictional Rocky's beginnings were humble compared to Trump's, but then Rocky never had an entire movement dedicated to his annihilation.  Despite the escalating idiocy of his detractors, Trump is a winner, a true champion of America.

Photo credit: YouTube screen gtab

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