Democrats wheel out the bat-brained psychiatrists to project about Trump's 'mental health'

With impeachment a dicey prospect for House Democrats out to Get Trump, sure enough, there is a Plan B.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Democrats are planning to host a Capitol Hill event featuring psychiatrists who will warn that President Trump is unfit for office based on his mental health.

The event will be led by Dr. Bandy Lee, a Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist and editor of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a book that argues psychiatrists have a responsibility to warn the public when a president is dangerous. The position is controversial because psychiatric associations urge members never to diagnose patients they haven't personally evaluated, saying it undermines the scientific rigor of the profession.

Who is this idiot and what kind of crap is this?

Whatever knowledge this person has has clearly been submerged in a pool of politicized wrath. She doesn't know jack about Trump and the only thing that's obvious about this is her willingness to discredit her profession, making it a branch of deranged lefty political activism instead of a lofty and disinterested branch of medical science.

That makes her just perfect for the Trump-deranged Democrats. The Washington Examiner points out that Democrats have a big show coming up, and she's set to be one of the stars, alongside journalists, philosophers, and other mental health geniuses:

According to Lee, attendees at the town hall would watch a condensed video that was recorded at a Washington, D.C., event held at the National Press Club in March that featured 13 expertsdiscussing how they didn't think Trump was fit for office. The experts, who came from the fields of mental health, philosophy, history, and journalism, said they were worried about the president's access to nuclear weapons and the impact his administration would have on climate change.

Lee said the event is to allow members of Congress to ask her and other experts questions, but planners hope the town hall will be broadcast live so that people who aren't in D.C. also would be able to watch and submit questions.

The idea behind this joke? To set the grounds for an invocation of the 25th Amendment for declaring a president incapacitated and ousting him from office for it.

Lee said the experts won't make specific recommendations about whether Congress should consider invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office or whether they should do so by impeachment. The political process should be determined by members of Congress, she said.

Seems that if impeachment doesn't work, they'll get going on the 25th Amendment. And if the House cannot make that stick, then something else...anything to reverse the 2016 election...

And this psychiatrist and all her journalist and philosopher buddies, are gladly letting their medical field of study be used for this won't-win political gambit, raising questions about the value of all their other psychiatric pronouncements.

This is a circus. And about par for Democrats. But these ridiculous psychiatrists are going way beyond what their field requires. They're making themselves the center-ring clowns.


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