Democrats make a big stink about census citizenship question but guess who's really politically motivated?

Why are Democrats making such a big stink about the 2020 Census, with its new question for respondents about U.S. citizenship? It's not an illegal alien identifier. It's not anything that will immediately cost them anything. It's mere factual information.  But they view that question as an outrageous trampling on the rights of Americans, and are fighting tooth and nail to stop it in expensive court cases that now go all the way to the Supreme Court. According to CNN: Democratic lawmakers believe they have uncovered another example of previously-hidden political calculus driving the Trump administration's decision to include a question about citizenship on the 2020 Census. But with the Supreme Court poised to rule on the question's validity this week, it remains unclear whether the latest string of revelations will have any bearing on whether the question is asked .   James Uthmeier, a former top adviser to...(Read Full Post)
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