Democrats make a big stink about census citizenship question but guess who's really politically motivated?

Why are Democrats making such a big stink about the 2020 Census, with its new question for respondents about U.S. citizenship? It's not an illegal alien identifier. It's not anything that will immediately cost them anything. It's mere factual information. 

But they view that question as an outrageous trampling on the rights of Americans, and are fighting tooth and nail to stop it in expensive court cases that now go all the way to the Supreme Court. According to CNN:

Democratic lawmakers believe they have uncovered another example of previously-hidden political calculus driving the Trump administration's decision to include a question about citizenship on the 2020 Census.

But with the Supreme Court poised to rule on the question's validity this week, it remains unclear whether the latest string of revelations will have any bearing on whether the question is asked .
James Uthmeier, a former top adviser to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, told the House Oversight Committee in closed-door interview that he had "sought advice" from John Baker, someone the committee Democrats say has "argued that 'the citizenship question is necessary to collect the data for a redistricting of House seats that excludes aliens from the calculation.'"

 They're making an entire court case on the asking of the citizenship question, as if the whole thing were a matter of base political motivation to get an 'up' on Democrats. So on that logic, everyone must, as a remedy for this supposed politically motivated act, be instead forced to remain in the dark about it. No democracy dying in darkness from these guys, they like darkness.

What's outrageous about the whole thing is that yes, it is political, it's very political.

But the Census question isn't about starting something political, it's about remedying what's already an untenable political advantage drawn by Democrats, who use Census responses from foreigners living in the U.S. illegally to beef up their congressional representation - and their congressional votes. Sound like a fair deal for citizen Americans? How does one group of people serve as census fodder for their home countries (most of which are representative democracies) on one hand, and then census fodder for the country they choose to live in illegally as well? Talk about double dipping.

Worse still, some of these people actually vote in U.S. elections, and according to Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton, it's a lot more than it looks. He argues that every illegal vote cast is a civil rights violation on American citizens who vote, canceling their votes out in favor of those who champion open borders. Often, these non-citizen voters vote based on pressure from Democratic machines, which in high-illegals districts with low turnout, makes them pretty important to the Democrats' perpetuation of themselves into permanent power. We see it in blue-state California for sure where the state itself has now become a PRI-Mexico-style one-party state. What's more, with illegals voting, consider that they may not be doing so freely. Illegal immigrants are uniquely vulnerable to blackmail if they don't the way Democratic machine operatives, who have their names and addresses, say, and some may well be voting for Democrats under duress just to stay out of trouble. They aren't going to complain. Any move from the shadows for them opens them to the possibility of deportation. Much easier to just vote and make them go away. Which, as Fitton notes is a problem on the civil rights front.

There also is the use of these Census numbers to secure U.S. taxpayer funds for these Democrat districts full of people with absolutely no loyalty to this country, and whose main interest is in taking from others. Are U.S. citizens absolutely forbidden to have, as the Dems like to say "a conversation" on this outrage? Maybe there should be a conversation - one that includes actual factual numbers about non-citizenship counts in certain blue precincts.  

It all goes to show that there's politicization going on all right, but it started with Democrats, who by the way and up until recently, have been against open-borders immigration. Their game has changed, and they've politicized illegal immigration as a political spoil unto themselves. That calls for some sunlight, and the exposure, through facts, of the real issue. Knowledge, in fact, is power, and they're yellings about policization are nothing but an effort to cover up their own politicization about the matter first. They're hiding something.




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