Daily Beast slimed Trump sons with fake news claim they skipped out on tab at Irish pub

We are at a point where skepticism is necessary any time a media outlet reports negative news about Donald Trump or any members of his family. The Daily Beast provides the latest example of the disgusting eagerness to find something bad to say. Joshua Caplan of Breitbart chronicles the disgraceful conduct of the Daily Beast: Donald Trump Jr. and younger brother Eric visited Igoe Inn Bar & Restaurant in Doonbeg, Ireland, during their father’s 5-day visit to Western Europe to meet the British royal family and attend the 75th anniversary of D-Day commemorative ceremonies. According to the Irish Mirror, the Trump sons ordered a round of drinks for “ecstatic locals” and even “helped out by pulling the pints.” Instead of reporting the happiness of ordinary folks in Ireland to great and mix with their American guests from the first family, the Best behaved in a beastly fashion, apparently seizing on this language in the Irish...(Read Full Post)
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