Could bribes be involved in Congress's refusal to seal the border?

It is no secret that the Mexican drug cartels are, at least in large part, running Mexico.  Those whom they cannot bribe, they murder.  The murders are intentionally brutal, sending an unmistakable message to those who might otherwise dare to defy them.  The cartel’s profits are on a scale that dwarfs some small countries.  They command literal armies of soldiers, men not unlike the brutal Waffen SS, which committed heinous war crimes in the 1940s.  In short, the Mexican drug cartels are a quasi-nation, one at war with the United States. A considerable portion of the money made by the cartels is in conjunction with bringing illegal aliens to the U.S.  Undoubtedly, the massive swarms of illegals crossing our borders could not do so without direct assistance from Mexico — not only the cartels, but their bribed officials in the Mexican government. They also could not do this without direct assistance from the...(Read Full Post)
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