Congressman says MSNBC won't let anyone on unless he talks about impeachment

Does it get more blatant than this?  A lefty congressman, Brad Sherman of Sherman Oaks, California, says he can't get airtime on MSNBC unless he promises to talk about impeachment.  No impeachment talk, no airtime for him. Here's what the Right Scoop spotted: A Democratic Congressman actually complained on-air to a host on MSNBC that they wouldn't have him on except to talk about impeachment: California Rep. Brad Sherman told MSNBC host Ari Melber that he's been trying to get on his show to talk about other issues like drug prices and the Saudi nuclear program, but all they want to talk to him about his impeachment: "Actually I've been trying to get on your show to talk about the Saudi nuclear program. And if it was my time we'd be talking about efforts to control drug prices. There's this image in this country that Congress is focused only on impeachment. That's the only thing I can get on TV to talk about,...(Read Full Post)
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