Congressman says MSNBC won't let anyone on unless he talks about impeachment

Does it get more blatant than this?  A lefty congressman, Brad Sherman of Sherman Oaks, California, says he can't get airtime on MSNBC unless he promises to talk about impeachment.  No impeachment talk, no airtime for him.

Here's what the Right Scoop spotted:

A Democratic Congressman actually complained on-air to a host on MSNBC that they wouldn't have him on except to talk about impeachment:

California Rep. Brad Sherman told MSNBC host Ari Melber that he's been trying to get on his show to talk about other issues like drug prices and the Saudi nuclear program, but all they want to talk to him about his impeachment:

"Actually I've been trying to get on your show to talk about the Saudi nuclear program. And if it was my time we'd be talking about efforts to control drug prices. There's this image in this country that Congress is focused only on impeachment. That's the only thing I can get on TV to talk about, but it's not really what I'm working on."

The Washington Times has more about it here.

The Right Scoop points out that far from being a congressman opposed to impeachment, Sherman is actually the guy who authored 2017's impeachment resolution, so his credentials in their minds are pristine.

What it really shows is that the nets, particularly far-left MSNBC, have an impeachment agenda, and anyone not willing to beat the drum for it is off the air.  No talk about prescription drug prices, no talk about amnesty for illegals, no talk about infrastructure.  And certainly no talk about opposition to impeachment, so Nancy Pelosi is out of luck.  We won't be seeing here there any time soon.  Freshman rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, sure.  Utterly marginal Rep. Ilhan Omar, sure.  But the speaker of the House is not going to get a slot — of that you can be sure.

It's stupid, even from the network's own point of view.  They're disregarding the reality that the audience is going to be bored to death with the nonstop monolithic coverage.  And they're forgetting that the "Russia-Russia-Russia" tactic that did such wonders for their ratings earlier is actually about to be repeated.  Prepare for some Drudge headlines about the slide, boobs.  And never mind that setting an agenda first and then finding people to fill it out is not news at all, but propaganda, so they're no longer in the news business.  They're determined to force impeachment down our throats, no matter what.  Some creep near the top of the MSNBC hierarchy has issued the command to all the little minions below that impeachment is the only story they plan to cover, and now the guests — even the leftiest among them — are being told it's impeachment rants or the highway.  Make the cuckoo-clock cuckoo on cue.

This isn't how you do news.  What they're trying to do is foist impeachment onto us so Democrats are pressed to make it happen.  And it's quite damaging information now that the word is out.  Audience members should be well advised that this is the slop the news agency intends to feed them through November 2020, and they can adjust their viewing habits accordingly.  It almost sounds like a formula for bad ratings, given the boringness factor ahead.  Fox News and OAN ought to even use it as a selling point — watch our network, and you never know what you are going to get.  Watch theirs, and prepare for the one-note drumbeat you already know the story of, and it's not going to get any better.  Can you say "fake news"?

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