Christopher Steele reportedly worried about becoming the fall-guy for Russia hoax

Now that he apparently has made a deal to speak with US investigators about his “dossier” (purchased with DNC and Hillary campaign monies) that was used to mislead a FISA Court into allowing domestic spying on US citizens, former British spy Christopher Steele is letting a buddy at the New York Times know that he is nervous about becoming a fall-guy. Appearing on CNN Tuesday, NYT reporter Matthew Rosenberg told Don Lemon:

“He is incredibly concerned and obsessed this investigation is going to throw him under the bus. And his view, at least from the people close to him, is, ‘Look, I was working on this dossier that people were paying for. I saw things that the Democrats were paying for. I saw things that seemed frightening to me and alarming. I went to old contacts of the FBI to tell them. I wasn’t a paid source in this case.’ That’s his view of it.”

For his own sake, I hope Steele has some real dirt to offer on the higher-ups in MI-6, the CIA, and the FBI. I am pretty sure that US Attorney Durham is more interested in them than he is in Steele.

I’d be willing to bet good money that as a result of President Trump’s visit to London and his discussions with the Queen and PM May, an agreement has been reached to keep the Special Relationship strong by ridding Her Majesty’s government of the people who sought to interfere in our elections and unseat an elected president.

Steele is a little fish. He knows it. It’s time to play Let’s Make a Deal.


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