Chicago's 'flypaper' alderman and the crackdown on corruption the new mayor promises

Chicago's new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is an outsider to the vast boys' club whose network of favors and bribes defines the way politics there operates.  A black lesbian, I doubt she was very welcome.  Now she promises to do something about it. Dare anyone hope that the corruption that defines Chicago politics will ever end?  Or how about diminish?  Right now, four of the 50 members of the city council are out on bail, and a fifth has been wearing a wire for the feds as part of a plea deal. Mayor Lightfoot (YouTube screen grab). Mayor Lightfoot sat down with Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass, the city's most influential columnist and a realist about "the Chicago way," to recall her introduction to the city's corruption and lay out what lies ahead.  Most notably, she referred to Alderman Danny Solis, who wore a wire for the feds as part of a deal, as "flypaper." She...(Read Full Post)
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