Catering to the PC mob is going to cost Oberlin College big bucks

See also: Oh-oh! Oberlin College’s insurance company says their policy doesn’t cover the huge verdict against it   Oberlin College, which has become one of the most politically correct campuses in the United States, has just discovered that allowing and encouraging social justice warriors to damage their perceived enemies can be expensive.  A local jury has just awarded Gibson's Bakery, a five-generation institution in Oberlin, Ohio, $11 million in its lawsuit against the college for throwing its support behind a student-led boycott over false charges of racism.  This amount could triple to $33 million if punitive damages — intended to punish and disincentivize egregious behavior — are awarded in proceedings Tuesday next week. Judge John Miraldi reading jury verdict.  (Photo credit: Legal Insurrection Foundation.) Legal Insurrection has done a stand-out job in covering the case — by far the best in...(Read Full Post)
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