California Dems shout ‘boo’ and insults as one delegate-seeking presidential candidate denounces socialism

The Democrat party has been captured by the hard Left, though they try very hard to conceal this fact from voters in the swing districts and purple states necessary for winning control of Congress and the presidency. But sometimes the enthusiasms of the Left compel them to act out their ideological fervor in dramatic ways.

That just happened yesterday in San Francisco, where the California Democrats were holding their annual convention, featuring all the major presidential candidates except Joe Biden – who may have realized the danger he would face in being challenged to defend his past positions taken before his party swung so far to the left.

John Hickenlooper, the Governor of Colorado who sees himself as a sensible centrist who could actually win a presidential election, dared to stake out that territory with a denunciation of socialism.

The response he received from the Democrats who run the most populous state, driving taxes up and the middle class out, tells voters in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and elsewhere where the Dems would take us if they win the presidency and Congress in 2020.

Image credit: YouTube screen grab