Black GOP state rep calls down the wrath of his party for supporting pro-life legislation

Florida state rep. Mike Hill was wrongly accused last week of entertaining legislation to execute gay men.  It has ignited social media attacks and calls for Hill's resignation. It all started on May 23, when a man asked Hill to introduce such legislation while Hill was speaking to the Women for Responsible Legislation in Pensacola. The outrageous comment took Hill off guard.  Within a few seconds, Hill laughed it off and said, "Enough of that stuff." It should be noted that laughing off a crazy comment that nobody took seriously is not the same as laughing along with it.  Anyone who suggests otherwise is acting in bad faith. Pensacola News Journal columnist Andy Marlette spearheaded this faux outrage in his column last week that accused Hill of musing over legislation to execute gay men.  Marlette went so far as to invoke the Klan against Hill, who is one of only two black Republicans in the Florida...(Read Full Post)
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