Biden is weak, and the Left knows it

Former V.P. Joe Biden is finding out, if he didn't know already, that what we saw in California's Democrat state convention is what will greet him in Milwaukee.  The party's energy and fundraising were on full display, as Norman Solomon wrote:  

Joe Biden's glaring absence from the California Democratic Party convention has thrown a national spotlight on his eagerness to detour around the party's progressive base. While dodging an overt clash for now, Biden is on a collision course with grassroots Democrats across the country who are learning more about his actual record and don't like it.

Inside the statewide convention in San Francisco over the weekend, I spoke with hundreds of delegates about Biden while leafletting with information on his record. I was struck by the frequent intensity of distrust and even animosity; within seconds, after glancing at his name and photo at the top of the flyer, many delegates launched into some form of denunciation.

I often heard delegates bring up shameful milestones in Biden's political history — especially his opposition to busing for school desegregation, treatment of Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas hearings, leading role in passage of the 1994 crime bill, career-long services to corporate elites, and powerful support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Can Biden really make the detour and avoid the Left on his way to Milwaukee?  The answer is no, because the Left will greet him in Milwaukee and demand this and that.

We already saw Biden flip on the Hyde Amendment.  His comments about working with "segregationists" were greeted with the same disdain as a Robert E. Lee statue.

So when will he flip on reparations?  I can't see it, but I didn't see the flip on Hyde coming.

Former V.P. Biden is weak, and California Democrats know it.  They will push and push and make the "moderate" totally unelectable.

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