As Pelosi's Democrats yell about soap and toothbrushes, migrants empty out Western Unions

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her open-borders Democrats are yelling about recent reports that illegal migrants caught crossing our border and placing themselves in temporary U.S. detention lack soap and toothbrushes, which apparently Uncle Sam has an obligation to provide, free of charge.  Officials confirmed Monday that hundreds of migrant children had been transferred out of a Border Patrol station in Clint, Tex., where they did not have soap, toothbrushes, clean clothes or enough food.  I always rely on the host country of the places I go to provide me with free soap and toothbrushes, don't you? Not even many lower-end hotels these days provide these things. But nothing's too good for illegal border crossers. And guess what? These migrants do have money to buy these toiletries for their extended visa-free stays here in the states, at least a lot of them and quite possibly all of them. The Washington Examiner reports they...(Read Full Post)
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