Are you tired yet of how DC works?

Are you tired of the histrionics of the Democrat contenders for the presidency of the U.S., what with all their scare tactics and promises of free stuff for everyone without any serious explanation of how to pay for it?

...and Nadler's Salem Witch Trial...

...and Adam Schiff in general...

... and the immigration crisis...

... and D.C.'s inertial disdain for its own country?

I am.  It has become tiresome...a staggering journey to nowhere.

At some point, ennui sets in.  Quite simply, I'm tired.  The people in Washington don't really care about you or me.  Yes, they care, but about different things — such as getting re-elected, and hanging on to power, and making money.  It's an ego trip, basically, and a handsome source of collateral income along the way.  They work for it, what with their endless calls to donors and lobbyists, plus the added leverage of their political influence.  And their efforts are not in vain.  Just ask Joe Biden and his son Hunter.  They made out quite well. 

Not all of them do the D.C. shuffle, but most of them do, their political party notwithstanding.  It's how the game is played.  Politics has become a profession, and a lucrative one at that.  Maybe young upstarts don't think so in the beginning, but most of them eventually get sucked into the swirling eddy of D.C. politics, or else they submerge willingly.  I mean, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already thinks she needs a raise in excess of her $174,000 salary.  I guess that's what happens after you discover garbage disposals.

Donald Trump can free them from such bondage — and all of us, actually — but too few in D.C. trust him.  He's a businessman and a free thinker.  He doesn't dance to their tune.  So they hold on to the folks they know best: the lobbyists with big money who contribute to their re-election campaigns.  And they abide or promote the meme that Russia actually rules U.S. elections.  How stupid.

Notice the strange silence among Republican bigwigs.  Aside from a few, why aren't they protesting such insanity?  Well, here's one reason: that's how D.C. works.  The rest of America falls way down in the pecking order, until the politicos need your $5 contribution to prove their populist bona fides.  Oh, yes, they will brag about your contribution until you no longer are needed.  Then you will be forgotten, and they will get about the business of D.C. politics as usual, which has little to do with you or me.

Is this a reason for despair?  No, it is not.  Trump got elected in 2016 by folks like you and me.  He seems to care about his country and its future.  I believe him.  What's to lose?  I think that's what we all homed in on back in 2016.  This guy has moxie.  He shakes things up in a good way.  He loves his country and he works for free.  He's all about business and the art of the deal.  And he can win again in a landslide in 2020. 

Your vote matters.  So does your voice.  And mine.  If we bring others to the ballot box, it means even more.  Don't let up.  The mountaintop is but steps away.  Let's get there.

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