A bad night for the unborn and legal immigration

It was about what I expected — a bunch of candidates in low single digits trying to survive to the next debate.  What I didn't expect is how silly these candidates are, from abortion for "trans people" to the immediate citizenship of DREAMers or trying to speak Spanish when they can't.

After the debate, I concluded two things:

1. This is a party hostile to the unborn.  They will defend abortion at any point of the pregnancy.  My guess is that the Trump campaign will remind them of that in the general election.

2. The Democrats have forgotten that most of us came here legally, and we appreciate the rule of law.

I cannot believe that no one stood up for legal immigration or the right of a sovereign nation to deport people who defy court notices.  It was as if all of these candidates read the same ideas book and told us the same thing one by one.

I finally found something that describes my feelings over at Issues and Insights.  They call it "Democrats' Cirque d'Absurdité":

Almost before the game show applause had settled, Beto O'Rourke launched into a juvenile Spanish-language hustle that left Sen. Cory Booker wide-eyed and most everyone else rolling their eyes.

Moments later, Booker found common ground with Friedrich Engels, grousing about how the economy wasn't working for everyone, a common thread throughout the "debate." Still later, he too resorted to Spanish, competing with O'Rourke to show he is the most Hispanic candidate, even more Hispanic than someone named Castro and far more Hispanic than the Irish guy.

A few beats after O'Rourke's first foreign-language outburst, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the media's pre-selected winner, made the brave declaration she wanted to return government to the people — while pointing at herself. Well done, Senator. Now we know who she wants to vest the power of government in.

In English, former Obama Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro resorted, to no one's surprise, to identity politics, insisting the country "pass" — hey, how about taking a remedial class in constitutional process before running for president — the Equal Rights Amendment.

Maybe "Ship of Fools" would be a good headline, but I think that someone made a movie with that name.

I wonder if #2 will be any better.  Don't bet on it!

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