40 years, 50 million abortions, and suddenly the Hyde Amendment has to be repealed or poor women can't get health care?

After more than forty years, during which around 50 million abortions have been performed, the public is being told by Democrats that the Hyde Amendment needs to be repealed because the poor are being denied "reproductive rights" and health care.

We have to assume that almost 50 million abortions must have been done solely on women with means if the Hyde Amendment has been so punitive...

Fifty million?

Lately, we have seen that more people are dying than being born in the U.S.  We have also heard for years that we are not going to have enough young workers to support retirees on Social Security or Medicare.

Think of how many more productive adults we would have earning, consuming, and paying income and payroll taxes if just half of those aborted babies had been allowed to live and grow up.

So why is there such a focus today, when science has been getting better, to allow abortion on demand and have taxpayers pay for these abortions (let's call it what it is instead of the new names).  The answer is two words: Planned Parenthood (PP).  PP gets over 80% of its revenue from abortion.  A few years back, Democrats threatened to close down the federal government if PP didn't get its annual $500-million allowance from taxpayers, and now they want essentially unlimited amounts from taxpayers.

PP needs to feed the beast, and the more babies it can crunch and crush, the more money it can pay all its executives, so let's stop pretending these people care about the poor and stop pretending that there is anything remotely progressive about abortion on demand.  Take a look at this report that ran in the Washington Examiner:

Salaries of CEOs at Planned Parenthood affiliates have skyrocketed to an average of $237,999, and hit $389,514 in the group's headquarters, according to a new review from the American Life League, a critic.

In the report on CEO pay, the group found that all 56 CEOs in the system make over 100,000 a year, one-tenth of Planned Parenthood's boss Cecile Richards, who made $957,952, said the report.

Joe Biden says the reason he now wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment after forty years of unconditional support is because poor women need "health care" and he does not impose his personal beliefs on others.  So, for forty years, he imposed his beliefs through the Hyde Amendment, but now, in his third try for the White House, he won't impose his beliefs.

When Biden, or any politician from either party, says he doesn't impose his beliefs, he is just plain lying.  All laws and regulations are based at least partly on personal beliefs.  It would be nice if politicians were honest about which laws and regulations they are going to impose when they are running for election.  We know that Biden folds easily to pressure.

A large majority of the public is against late-term abortion, but Democrats are seeking to impose their call for abortion on demand onto all of us.

Over 80% of us were happy with our health insurance prior to Obamacare, but Democrats imposed their beliefs on all of us.  Obama lied when he was running when he said he wasn't for an individual mandate, and all the Democrats repeatedly lied when they said we could keep our doctor and health plan if they like them.

Republicans believe that people should have freedom of choice on health insurance.

Most Democrats today are seeking to impose some sort of government health care on all of us.  Medicare for all would be an existential threat to the millions of people who work in the private health insurance industry or are dependent on it.

Democrats say they believe that health care is a human right, yet they are willing to withhold health care from vulnerable newborn children.  Whom else will they deem disposable in the future?

Abortion on demand and repealing the Hyde Amendment have absolutely nothing to do with reproductive choice or health care for the poor.  The policies are meant to provide huge amounts of taxpayer money to a special interest group of Democrats, of which significant amounts will be donated back to Democrats.

Not one Republican bill that has been passed nationwide prevented women from having the choice to have a child or not have a child, and not one bill denied the poor health care, so it is an absolute disgrace that the sycophant press repeats the Democrat talking points that Republicans are taking away women's rights.

Democrats will funnel massive amounts of money to Planned Parenthood, but they are blocking small amounts of money for a border wall, which would help the overall budget and would free up health services, which are overwhelmed by illegal aliens.  That would especially help the poor.

Since the media are so proud of George Stephanopoulos on ABC and the question he asked President Trump about the future, I have a question he should ask himself and all Democrats running:

Since you say it is a human right to have health care, why is it OK to withhold health care from a vulnerable newborn child?

Image credit: Charles Edward Miller via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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