With Senate Don Jr. subpoena, a Republican dog returns to the Democrats' vomit

So just weeks after the Mueller investigation closed out the possibility that President-Trump-secretly-colluded-with-the-Russians-to-steal-the-election-from-Hillary-Clinton, here we go again...

Only this time it's not the never-gonna-get-over-it Democrats returning to the scene of the crime, ad nauseam; it's Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee, led by North Carolina's Sen. Richard Burr, who sounds as though his first name is better pronounced 'Aaron.' 

Here's the New York Times' report:

WASHINGTON — The Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, who met with Russians in June 2016 after being promised political dirt about Hillary Clinton, according to people familiar with the committee's decision.

The younger Mr. Trump is the first of President Trump's children to be subpoenaed in the continuing congressional investigations into Russia's 2016 election interference, and the move by the Republican-led committee is a sign that some members of the president's party are not aligned with his desire for a swift end to all of the Russia inquiries.

So somehow, at least one of them thinks a subpoena and a committee hearing is what it's going to take to get the truth out, never mind all those millions spent on the Mueller investigation, or all the hours Don Jr. already willingly testified before previous committees, or any of the parallel investigations and the nonstop Russia-Russia-Russia drumbeat from the far-from-disinterested press.  Somehow, they think they're going to finally get something the determined Democrats investigating the Trump group over the course of two years somehow missed.  Somehow, some new information is going to roll out, and the public (which has been largely discounting this dreck as the economy roars) will be compelled. 

The Times notes that the aim is not to get new information, but to 'validate' the basis for the Mueller investigation:

The committee's leaders do not necessarily expect their conclusions to differ from Mr. Mueller's, but both Mr. Warner and Senator Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, the committee's chairman, have argued that finishing their bipartisan investigation will serve as an important validation of the special counsel, especially given the political climate.

So Mueller was never 'valid' until they jumped late into the party.  That's a new one, and quite a stretch, because that 'validation' they want is actually is already being revealed as pretty gamy, with deceptive FISA warrants, political unmaskings, and other politically motivated skullduggery from people who never had a right to use government resources in the way they did.

They're out of their gourds, and it's a shame to see this garbage coming from the one house they control in the national legislature.

There are Republican senators calling them on it, such as Sen. Rand Paul, seeing it for the junk legislative move it is, particularly since it's not the view of the Republican-led leadership.  Breitbart News reports this:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is slamming Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), the GOP chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, for contradicting direct orders from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the Russia investigation and issuing a subpoena of Donald Trump, Jr., despite McConnell's statement that the case is closed[.]

We all know what the agenda to this dog-vomit move from some Republicans really is: having Don Jr. say something that might be interpreted as a lie based on what he'd said earlier.  Double-jeopardying him until the desired result is reached.  Then getting rid of President Trump in a laying of the grounds of impeachment.  That was the rationale behind the call for a special counsel, which the politicos bayed for and got, and the anti-Trumpsters not happy with the results they got, so now they're trying again.

Human Events' publisher, Will Chamberlain, has some choice thoughts for the utterly bad move this effort to bore us to death is:

And the idea that a Republican Senator, after an exhaustive and fruitless special counsel investigation, would authorize a subpoena against the President's son to continue to pursue the same conspiratorial nonsense is simply appalling.

Your Republican constituents did not elect you to investigate Democrat conspiracy theories, Senator Burr.

Wrap it up.

Somehow, they want more.  Because the agenda now seems to be that NeverTrump-ism is going to be the solution that will finally oust President Trump, win the voters over, and bring an appropriate wimp into the White House.

Burr and anyone else in his tree couldn't be more idiotic.  When primary time comes around, it's time to primary them.