Why journalists and other Democrats keep pushing phony scandals about Trump

There are many reasons most journalists and other Democrats have focused on additional witch hunts on President Trump, and why they seek to destroy A.G. Barr — while they lie to the public that they are trying to unite us.

Here is a small sample of topics they need the voting public to ignore or not hear about:

They don't want to talk about their continuous lie about Russian collusion with no evidence while Trump told the truth from the start.

They don't want to admit that the Obama administration spied illegally on many Americans, including Trump.  They laughed at Trump when he truthfully said he was spied on.

They don't want to discuss all the scandals, cover-ups, and criminal activity by people throughout the Obama administration, including Obama himself.

They don't want the public to learn how punitive to people socialism is while rewarding their political leaders.  They certainly don't want to talk about Rep. Omar saying the U.S is who is causing the problems in Venezuela.

They certainly will not talk about how ignorant Biden was when he said China is not a threat to the U.S.

They don't want the people to learn the truth about what Trump said about Charlottesville.  They need the despicable race card to gin up hate to keep minorities voting for them.

They don't want the public to learn the truth about the crisis on the border and what they have said in the past that is similar to what Trump truthfully says today.

They won't talk about how government policies encouraged and caused the massive run-up in student debt.

They will not talk about how the tax cuts have helped almost everyone.  They will continually spread the lie that the tax cuts benefited only the rich.

They will not admit that capitalism allows people to move both up and down the economic ladder while continually trying to get people to hate the "rich."

They will pretend Medicare for all will reduce medical costs and completely ignore that they said the same thing about Obamacare, which caused a massive increase in premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses.  (I can't think of any government monopoly that has reduced costs.)

They will ignore the fact that health insurance premiums have stabilized after Trump got rid of the individual mandate and gave the people freedom of choice again.  This is the opposite of what the public was told would happen.

They don't want to talk about the number of murders and other crimes illegal aliens commit.

They will not tell the truth about the stupidity of the Green New Deal and how it would destroy the economy while creating massive government bureaucracy.

They will not admit that when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Beto, and others are saying we have only a few years to act, they are just making it up to scare the people.  They will ignore the fact that previous warnings of looming disaster have all been 100% wrong and based on inaccurate, manipulated (fraudulent) computer models that have no basis in reality.

They absolutely do not want to talk about how Trump told the truth that the economy could grow 3%.  We were told repeatedly by journalists and other so-called "experts" that Trump was wrong.

They will ignore the fact that Obama's stifling tax and regulation policies gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years.  Why would people vote for those pathetic results if they were told the truth?  Before Trump was elected and throughout last year, we were told we were heading into a recession and there was just a sugar high because of the tax cuts.  These media pundits were essentially campaigning for Democrats and rooting for a slower economy instead of telling the public the truth.

They will ignore that last year, the Federal Reserve was on automatic pilot, raising interest rates mindlessly despite lower interest rates throughout the world and low inflation.  Thank goodness we have Trump to teach them what they should do while allowing them to operate independently.  Of course, the media and other Democrats said how bad Trump was when he was jawboning the Fed.  It is such a shame that Trump watches out for the American people and the private sector instead of watching out for big government, and Democrats want big government.

There will be little focus on the 263,000 new jobs for April or the 50-year low in the unemployment rate at 3.6%.  We will be told by the Democrats running for president how they are going to fix or remake the economy for the middle class, and the puppets posing as journalists will pretend moving toward bigger government will be good.

They will ignore or significantly bury that black, Hispanic, women's, and the less educated's unemployment rates have all reached record lows during Trump's two years.  We have been told by the experts that we couldn't get this low an unemployment rate, and if we did, we would have higher inflation.  They were 100% wrong.

Despite Trump helping minorities, women, and others move up the economic ladder, he will continue to be portrayed falsely as a sexist and racist.  Facts don't matter to journalists and other Democrats — only political power.

How could the "experts" miss that lower taxes and fewer regulations would give businesses more room to raise wages without causing inflation and that the faster economy will increase productivity?  That shows a complete lack of understanding of how economics works.

Isn't it amazing that as most of the world's economies slow down, the economy under Trump has sped up?  Besides 5.7 million new jobs, there are around 1 million fewer part-time jobs.  Shouldn't we give credit to Trump for 6.7 million full-time jobs?  There are 500,000 new manufacturing jobs (when we were told they are gone for good) and 600,000 new construction jobs.  Wages are rising faster than any time during Obama, especially for those at the lower end of the income scale.  So much for the lie that Trump wants to help only the rich.

The Democrat campaigns will be a series of false and misleading attacks on Trump and will be fully supported by most journalists.  The manipulation of the public by the American media in order to get votes for Democrats is much more dangerous than anything the Russians or any other country has done.  The spying by the Obama administration, where they used the false dossier funded by Hillary and the DNC as a pretense,  is the biggest political scandal I have seen in my 66 years, but instead of most journalists caring about the absolute abuse of power, they have supported it every step of the way.

Photo credit: R. Nial Bradshaw.

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