Why did Trump hold a rally in this small Pennsylvania town?

If there was a reason President Donald Trump chose the small Pennsylvania town of Montoursville to hold a campaign rally, no one in the media is saying what it is.  In the absence of any answers, let me suggest one, admittedly more speculative than proven but a possibility nonetheless. In 1996, during the midst of Bill Clinton's desperate drive to become president, 16 French club members from the Montoursville high school and five of their chaperones died in the crash of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island. Although the phrase has been much abused, there is none better than "cover-up" to describe what followed.  Like many initiatives the Clinton White House choreographed, this one was highly improvisational.  Before it was through, with the CIA calling the shots and the FBI following its lead, the TWA 800 investigation would make several sharp course corrections. To be sure, the great majority of those working the...(Read Full Post)
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