Where are the Democratic moderates?

Once upon a time, such as last fall, Democrats ran on improving health care and protecting workers.  It led to the House takeover, made possible by all those so-called "moderates."

So when are House Democrats going to do something other than talk about investigations of President Trump?  Where have all those promises of bipartisanship gone to?

I like what Matthew Continetti wrote over the weekend:

In recent weeks the Democrats have turned into a bizarre version of the caricature of Trump they regularly denounce. They lambaste Trump for indulging in conspiracy theories, but the Russia investigation has become their Benghazi, a scandal too complicated and not quite substantive enough to inflame the public imagination. 

They went after Trump for the "lock her up" chants at his rallies, but flirt with jailing both the attorney general and secretary of the Treasury, passed a New York state law directed at a single individual (forbidden in the Constitution as a bill of attainder), and speculate endlessly about how the president might one day end up behind bars. 

Pelosi says she worries Trump might not accept a loss in 2020 as Hillary Clinton says the election was stolen from her and the entire Democratic party indulges in the ludicrous fantasy that Stacey Abrams is the legitimate governor of a state she lost by more than 50,000 votes amidst record minority turnout.

This is not a serious party. It has abandoned policy for litigation, and common sense for fantasies of Medicare for All, Green New Deals, abortion after birth, and slavery reparations. 

The Democrats assume impeachment will be Trump's Watergate. 

It may well turn out to be their Waterloo.

Yes, their Waterloo sounds about right.

Let's hope the Democrats understand that comparisons to Watergate are very silly.  First and foremost, there was a crime to cover up back then.  Today, there is an effort to dig up a crime by demanding every piece of paper that has passed President Trump's fingers for 50 years.

Where are the moderates?  So far, they are just carrying the leftists' baggage.

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