When Obama's ego blew out of his ears

We all saw the famous picture from the Obama administration on the day after President Trump was elected president in 2016.  But now it's coming out about just how bad it was at the top, according to a new book cited by Fox News.

Former President Obama took President Trump's win and Hillary Clinton's loss in 2016 as a personal insult, according to a newly updated book.

The former president was "shocked" by the election results and felt the American people had turned on him, The Washington Examiner reported, citing New York Times correspondent Peter Baker's book "Obama: The Call of History." It was originally published in 2017. He was also reportedly frustrated by Hillary Clinton's "soulless" campaign after believing his legacy "was in safe hands."

Personal insult?  As if he didn't start it (and keep at it), with his 'clinging to guns and religion' quote, one of his most famous?  As if his chosen successor, Hillary Clinton, didn't refer to Americans in less than coastal places as 'deplorables'?

And as if his lousy slum-of-an-economy, which amounted to bureaucrat-hiring, food stamp–distributing, and benefits to elite cronies such as Solyndra, wasn't an insult in itself by its very cavalier attitude toward insisting on a good economy?  Obama stomped all over the private sector during his eight long years, telling businesses they 'didn't build that' and continuously telling them and their workers that subpar growth was their new normal.  And his claims about Obamacare being 'affordable' were yet another insult.  So were his global 'apology' tours.

What kind of ego do we have here?

Apparently, Obama doesn't think he has anything to apologize for, given the significant problems in his presidency that forced voters to turn on him.

Raging on in his White House as if the voter rebuke were a personal insult instead of a problem with his performance, what's revealed now is his absent introspection about his own failures.  Apparently, he's never wrong, and any voter who thinks otherwise is somehow insulting him.  Obama is often portrayed as cerebral, detached, someone who might consider that the pendulum swings or something, but that myth blows apart with a report like this.  His ego was just too big, and these rage reports reveal just how small he was, festering away behind closed doors focused on personal insults.

Not only did he 'blame' the American people for the election of Trump, if that is the word, but he blamed his chosen successor, the one his Democratic campaign operatives played unfair to ensure the nomination of, to ensure his continued legacy.

It all fell apart as voters rejected the 'legacy' he thought would always be permanent.

This is Ozymandias stuff, and it makes Obama all the more puny.  Wise elder statesman with lots of perspective on events?  Not this guy.  More like the witch who melted from water.  And a reminder, as if one is needed, to voters about why they voted for Trump.

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