When a leftist university terrified of free speech deep-sixed Jordan Peterson

March 20, 2019 was a sad day for basic decency when Jordan Peterson's fellowship at University of Cambridge's Faculty of Divinity was unexpectedly revoked.  The Cambridge University Student Union tweeted its renunciation:

We are relieved to hear that Jordan Peterson's request for a visiting fellowship to Cambridge's faculty of divinity has been rescinded following further review.  It is a political act to associate the University with an academic's work through offers which legitimise figures such as Peterson.  His work and views are not representative of the student body and as such we do not see his visit as a valuable contribution to the University, but one that works in opposition to the principles of the University.

Talk about killing a spider with an axe, considering that Peterson's stated goal was simply to discuss matters of a biblical nature with the students. 

A quick look at Cambridge's website will give you its purported mission statement.  The University's core values are "freedom of thought and expression" and "freedom from discrimination."

Life proves harsh for the famed conservative-minded intellectual who tirelessly wages war against identity politics' discriminatory rule.  Apparently, his heavy focus on the value of individualism and free thought — let alone speech — has not afforded him admission to Snowflake Land.  The deprivation of even the slightest form of expression for Peterson and his adherents has become increasingly, unabashedly worse.

After penning a New York Times op-ed in support of Peterson, Cambridge student Rob Henderson admitted in a recent interview to having received hushed messages of allegiance.  Fear reigns supreme in the safe space, where everyone looks different but thinks the same.

It's important at times like these to remember the key ingredients to all fulminations from the Militant Leftist Thugs.  When the rudimentary attack makes no sense, throw in a vague explanation to at least imply behind-the-scenes deliberation: "has been rescinded after a further review."  Next, a respectable line of defense: "works in opposition to the principles of the University."  Last but never least, a call to unity: "His work and views are not representative of the student body."

Never does logical argumentation appear.  If Peterson dares to protest, he promptly receives a slew of more insanities thrown his way.  Deluded left-wingers, the likes of Pankaj Mishra in one NYR Daily review, have him perfectly pigeonholed: "Nowhere in his published writings does Peterson reckon with the moral fiascos of his gurus and their political ramifications; he seems unbothered by the fact that thinking of human relations in such terms as dominance and hierarchy connects too easily with such nascent viciousness such as misogyny, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia."

Strip this down and you get something like this: I personally have a problem with the way Peterson's unequivocally psychological approach is improving countless lives — not to mention his brilliant way of exposing and discrediting the maladies on the Left.  So I will equate him with some proto-fascist philosophers and accuse him of "romancing the noble savage."  Never mind that thousands of women buy his books and he tearfully begs his listeners to understand what caused the Holocaust, lecturing extensively on ways to prevent genocide.

The senselessness surpasses belief.  At all costs, the convoluted theory of "how Jordan Peterson's myth renderings are stirring up a new era of bigotry" must be put forth.  Enter the complex narrative of the way in which luminaries like "Richard Wagner, along with many German nationalists, became notorious for using myth to regenerate the volk and stoke hatred of the aliens[.]"  Then a mystifying explanation of how the exploring of consciousness by Jung, Eliade, and Campbell contributed to a dangerous sort of individualism because the "desperation of meaninglessness widely felt in the late nineteenth century, seemed especially desperate in the years following two world wars and the Holocaust."

Indeed, individualism is the utmost danger stirring up fright in the hearts of leftists everywhere.  Independent thought left unharnessed?  The horror is of inconceivable proportions.

This should be a lesson for all the bewildered people out there.  In a world filled with meaningless tripe, it's time to read between the lines.  Strings of extravagant expositions must never hide the true intent of the one who penned them.  Strangling the liberty to move one's lips mustn't be tolerated, no matter how frosty the snowflaked terrain becomes.  There's a reason Jordan Peterson's message of individual responsibility and mining for meaning in the chaos has gained the ears of the masses.  Listen closely.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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