What is the deal with all these social justice warrior Christians?

It pains me to write this, but whom on Earth are liberal Christians appealing to?  To whom do they hearken to make things right?  

These are the type of people who use the latest tragedy to promote a political agenda.  It is no mystery that upending the power structure via identity politics is their intent.  You have the freedom to do so, but please check your Christianity at the door.  The truth of the matter is that the powers and principalities you serve already have much ruling authority and it is they to whom you remain most faithful.

First of all, Jesus came not to prop up a so-called minority group; he came to save individual sinners.  This is the essence of the covenant of grace.  If you think appeals to secular authorities are an effective and faithful tool in combating the evils present in modern society, you are greatly deluding yourself.  In fact, the greatest threats to peace and goodwill among men are barely even acknowledged in the liberal Christians' ideological circles. 

The crux of the matter is that the gospel is an infinitely more effective tool in fighting the depravities of mankind than any elected official could ever hope to be.  It is biblical to assume that God would prefer we suffer and remain faithful than dance with the devil.  At what cost will liberal Christians continue to pervert the gospel in an attempt to secure a political advantage.  Is it worth their very souls? 

Social justice warrior Christians are preaching a whole different gospel. 

We can live honorably and righteously without calling upon the force of government to do our bidding.  In many instances, it is the state that has become our greatest oppressor.  What our nation truly needs is not only less government, but less politics disguised as religion.

Image: Drama Queen via Flickr.