What do Washington, Churchill, and Trump have in common?

Winston Churchill appears to have had an uncanny prescience of his own destiny.  While still at Harrow, in a conversation with his contemporary Sir Murland Evans, Winston (then 16) remarked:

"I can see vast changes coming over a now peaceful world; great upheavals, terrible struggles, wars such as one cannot imagine. ... London will be attacked, and I will be very prominent in the defense of London."

Winston saw himself as a champion of democracy against tyranny and was profoundly aware of his own role and destiny.  Indeed, he believed that God had placed him on Earth to carry out heroic deeds for the protection of Christian civilization and human progress.

Winston certainly was divinely protected.  As a young officer, he took part in many battles, always rushing to the center of every conflict, fighting with fearless bravery and conspicuous valor, without regard for his personal safety, winning high commendation from his commanding officers and praise from his fellow subalterns.  He participated in the last cavalry charge at Obdurman in the Sudan.  All in a line, the horses of the 400 officers started slowly at a trot, gradually speeding up to a gallop, then plunging into a terrible collision.  The 1,200 dervishes opposing them seemed to come up from the sand.  Winston shot six or seven with his Mauser, one of whom lunged up at him with a spear.  Although the fighting was fierce, Winston escaped death or injury, which was to be his lot his whole life long.  When he was lord of the admiralty, he was on a ship struck by three German torpedoes, but they didn't explode.  In New York, he was rammed by a taxi — the impact would have killed anyone else, but he  recovered after a time in a hospital.  And once, while still young, he fell 30 yards down through some trees and was unconscious for three days, delaying his entrance to Sandhurst.  While building a tree house for his children, he fell and dislocated his shoulder, and the dislocation kept coming and going his life long.  He also crashed planes he was flying, but with only minor injuries.  He lived to be 90.

Another such phenomenon was George Washington.  There is an incredible account of Washington's preservation when he was an officer in the British army under General Braddock in the French and Indian Wars.  His regiment was attacked by Indians using guerrilla tactics.  Braddock was mortally wounded.  There was enormous loss of life (75% of the officers and more than 700 troops) due to the incompetence and confusion of Braddock himself.  Washington wrote about this incident in a letter to his brother as follows:

I had four bullets through my coat, two horses were shot from under me, yet I escaped unhurt, though death was leveling my companions on every side around me.

Washington attributed this wonderful escape from even a wound to the overruling providence of God.  

The Indians regarded the matter in the same light.  About fifteen years after the battle, while surveying some lands near the mouth of the Great Kanawha River, Washington was visited by an old chief who told him he had been present at that battle, that he had singled him out and repeatedly fired his rifle at him, that he had ordered his young warriors to make him their only target, but that on finding all their bullets turned aside by some invisible and inscrutable interposition, he was convinced that the hero at whom he had so truly and often aimed must be, for some wise purpose, specially protected by the Great Spirit.  He now came to testify his veneration.

Washington was six foot three inches in height and had broad shoulders.  The Indians could not possibly have missed him. 

I think Donald Trump can be added to these other two.  In a YouTube video called "Trump Chosen By God," which has now been pulled, there was a prophecy that said Trump is divinely protected — nothing can harm him.  Let the Secret Service continue to diligently guard him, but he stands under God's protecting wings and is doing God's work — not only for our Republic, but the light that shines from him is influencing the whole world.  Everything that happened to him in his life so far, the successes and the failures, was preparation for his high calling.  As he is a multi-millionaire, he could be relaxing in some beautiful, luxurious place, playing golf and enjoying the good life.  That he has chosen to dedicate his life to serving us, taking all the slings and arrows hurled at him by the evil and the ignorant, the dreadful abuse, means he loves us, the American people, and we ought to love him in return.  The majority of us do.