Omar gets smacked down on Twitter by huge number of Venezuelan 'women of color'

Always just one tweet away from playing the victim card, as a Twitterer noted, Rep. Ilhan Omar made an unexpectedly unfortunate allusion to 'women of color' being put down as she sought to bite back at Vice President Mike Pence, who criticized her ignorance on Venezuela.

According to The Hill:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) fired back on Friday after Vice President Pence said she "doesn’t know what she's talking about" regarding the ongoing conflict in Venezuela.

Omar took to Twitter to say that Pence's criticism is something "women of color have heard" before.

"Instead of 'we disagree,' it's 'she doesn't know what she's talking about,'" Omar wrote. 'They have to make us feel small."

"This from an Administration that thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax," she added.

As they say in the tweet world, that didn't age well.
Omar was then rapidly inundated by angry Venezuelans inside Venezuela, including a helluva lot of Venezuelan women of color, who said yes, indeed, Omar did not know what she was talking about, and it had nothing to do with her color.
Here are just a few, but there's a whole string of angry reply tweets from Venezuelans, and if you want, you can check them out here:

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