Understanding how intersectionality works to crush Whitey

Anti-Racism — Code for a purposely vague notion of systematic racism.  The motives of anybody, even a pastor, who espouses such terminology are political and cultural.  To such people, the church is just another means to an end, a mere voting bloc.  Critical Theory — A theoretical framework that identifies instances of oppression (real or perceived) from past, present, and future society and exploits them for political purposes with the ultimate goal of uprooting an imperfect but ultimately sound foundation and replacing it with something out of 1984. (See Western Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School and Agenda 2030). James H. Cone, the Father of Liberation Theology — Espoused a perversion of the Gospel in which he insisted that "American white theology is a theology of the Antichrist insofar as it arises from an identification with the white community ... placing God's approval on white oppression of black existence."...(Read Full Post)
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