Two more and we have a major league roster

It takes 25 to create a major-Are the Democrats the Cubsleague roster. Let’s say that those Dems are getting there one candidate at a time. 

May I suggest a right-handed power hitter to go with that lefty lineup?  

We learned that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, as we see in this report

In his announcement video, de Blasio took aim at Trump, calling him a "bully," then in an interview on ABC later in the morning said the President is "playing a big con on America.", "Every New Yorker knows, he's a con artist," de Blasio said. "We know his tricks, we know his playbook.", The mayor also touted a slate of policy wins, including universal Pre-K and his successful push for a $15 minimum wage., 

What a shock! It's all about President Trump and every other liberal fantasy.

What do you do when your city is overtaxed and people are leaving your state? 

The answer is that you run for president and talk about climate change.

Let’s ask a few simple questions of the mayor:

How are those potholes doing?  My friends in New York City say that it’s a real mess.

How are you doing attracting jobs or relocations to your town?  Not too good -- just ask Amazon.

DeBlasio is the latest "blue state failure" and probably not the last.  Can any of them win?  I don’t think so but the election is still 18 months away.

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